3 Powerful Events That Inspired My Life Coaching Journey

I didn’t start out as a professional life coach. For a long time, I climbed the corporate ladder, but I craved something “more and different”. After experiencing three powerful events, I began to re-evaluate where I was and where I wanted to be. I’m going to share how my life coaching journey began. If you’re seeking to reframe your life, I hope my story inspires you. 

  1. Trauma Kick-Started My Transformation

In 2012, I was given the devastating news that my unborn twins had only a 10% chance of survival. I had to endure emergency surgery to help them survive, then five long months of bedrest. But I saw that challenging time as a growth opportunity and put a tentative foot on the path of self-development. Eventually, I’d become a mentor, consultant, and certified life coach. 

  1. I Invested in My Future Self

I realized that the people who had achieved what I wanted had 100% control over their investments. So I found a great mentor who taught me how to invest in the stock market more wisely. Cue: success – and an ever-growing feeling that I wanted to (and could!) share my experiences for the benefit of others. 

  1. I Designed a 10-Year Self-Development Plan

My eyes had been opened to additional ways of making money, feeling fulfilled, and helping others. I had immediate goals, but I wanted to take things to the next level, which is where this website comes in. Follow my life coaching blog if you want the next chapter of my story. Maybe one day, you’ll share your success story here?