I’m Julianna,

A poet, speaker, author…

Why I Do What I Do (if you haven’t already been to it)

I have an always evolving method to act the life I want into being and to do so in a way that helps others.


I continually use myself as a guinea pig in experiments as I learn more, I share what works for me in the hope that it will help you and in the hope that you will, in turn, help others.

I believe that with approximately 108 billion of us having lived, there is far too much not being shared from which we can learn and increase the speed with which we can evolve. When I think about the 37.4 more or less trillion cells that come together to form our bodies, how they each have and play a unique role, what they each accomplish and bring to the body as a whole I see no reason why we humans can’t join together in a similar fashion for the good of humankind. Everything that I do seeks to help bring us closer to making that a reality.

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And let’s discover your unique gifts and talents and decide together the part you desire to play in this journey.


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Julianna Dawson, Poet, Speaker and Author of Inspiring Words: Love’s Journey, especially enjoys inspiring others to see life’s obstacles and challenges as growth opportunities with which to discover and build on hidden talents.

She has made her life a living example of the continued desire to grow, explore, and discover who she is, as well as her unique gifts and talents. She encourages and inspires others to do the same.