Book Reviews

My first book, Inspiring Words: Love’s Journey was too short. Being my first attempt—without any formal training—at putting together some of my poems into a book, I wanted to test the waters by putting something out to the public, but I held back. Mostly because I was fearful about not knowing exactly how to do what I wanted to do, so I did my best and planned to learn from the results. Outside of the comments about the length of the book, here’s what some people had to say:

“Eleven beautifully written poems. My favorite in the collection is a poem titled “I knew.” I knew had me nodding my head, then the ending floored me. I read the poem a second time and a third time. It was a poem that made you sit back and think, which is exactly what I want in poetry as a reader. “Inspiring Words: Love’s Journey” touches so many emotions, I highly recommend this book. Julianna Dawson is now one of my favorite poets. Her work is amazing.”

Sharon, on Amazon 

“Every poem I read, I would sit back and be deep in thought. The words sinking into me, into nostalgia… For some, this book will make you smile, or your heart ache because You know. You understand. Because you’ve been through the same situation. That’s what I liked about this book. It’s a book to share the author’s feelings and thoughts of what she’s gone through and tell you that: You are not alone.”

Lee, on Goodreads 

“Be Prepared to Be Inspired! I took in every word of Julianna Dawson’s poetry and let the words linger. One poem was serious, fervent and confiding… another joyful and soothing. All are beautifully written, and each one touched my soul. The poems are inspirational and a must read for poetry lovers. (And if poetry isn’t your thing. This just may make you a convert.)”

Unknown, Amazon 

“Love’s Journey is a series of inspiring and relatable poems. It is an amazing anthology and well written, I adored it.”

Byader on Goodreads 

“Very thought provoking. I have never read poetry until I got my ereader then I read the Raven which I love. That got me thinking about reading more poetry and this book has made me want to read even more.”

Heather, on Goodreads